Last November at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Sofia Vergara hosted a wedding that dazzled even her most seasoned celebrity guests. She had over one million dollars worth of flowers, included five tiers in her wedding cake, wore three white dresses, and had one IV Hydration Station. Wait….what? Yes, you read correctly…..she provided IV hydration for her wedding guests. Even guests like Julie Bowen, Vergara’s Modern Family costar, were blown away with the service, quoting:

“Apparently there’s nothing you can do in three days that can’t be undone with some IV hydration!” (Quoted in ENews).

Because Vergara’s wedding was a three-day event, she provided IV Hydration to her guests so that they could recharge/recover by the pool in preparation for her nuptials. Her “Hydration Station,” as Bowen called it, was a luxury service that reinvigorated the guests, allowing them to dance the night away at her reception which continued to spoil her guests with luxury.

IV Hydration Stations, or “Rehydration Stations” as we like to call them at RevitalIV, are becoming very popular all throughout the country both before and after wedding celebrations. In addition to a pre-wedding rejuvenation, post-wedding brunches are providing relief to wedding guests who may have had a little too much fun on the dance floor, and hydrating out of town guests before they jump on a plane back home.

“It’s the ultimate party favor,” says RevitalIV wedding package customer, Abby, whose hubby-to-be bought his groomsmen a Post-Bachelor Party package.

Whether you are looking to treat your wedding guests like the celebrities do, give your bridesmaids a radiant glow before they walk down the aisle, or provide a post-bachelor/bachelorette recovery party, RevitalIV can provide you with affordable IV hydration for your wedding. Take a look at our packages that can be customizable to your wants and needs.

And, remember that it’s your night, but it’s everybody’s next morning.