Is a Vitamin D Deficiency Causing you to get the Flu?

People suffering a mild to moderate deficiency in vitamin D may experience insomnia, fatigue, muscle aches and depression. Moreover, one of the most significant discoveries of is the link between a vitamin D deficiency and the flu. One of the best benefits of vitamin D supplementation is its ability to improve immune system functioning during flu season to prevent flu infections. [3]

Vitamin D is essential for supporting absorption of calcium and phosphorous by your body’s bones, muscles and organs. Actually, vitamin D isn’t just one vitamin but a combination of D3 (cholecalciferol) and D2 (ergocalciferol), two fat-soluble chemicals needed to make hormones. Although your skin contains a minimal amount of vitamin D, humans require sunlight to activate sources of vitamin D in the skin. Nutritionists also strongly recommend people receive additional vitamin D from injections to avoid a vitamin D deficiency. [1]

Your liver is responsible for metabolizing and releasing D3 into the bloodstream. In addition to being necessary for normal growth of bone, vitamin D3 is needed to maintain health of skeletal muscles and blocking release of a parathyroid hormone known to contribute to brittle, thin bones. Research into vitamin D benefits is also finding that this important vitamin may help reduce the risk of prostate/breast cancer, heart disease and diabetes. [2]

Why a Vitamin D Deficiency Invites Flu Infections

The ability of vitamin D to impart multiple (pleiotropic) and beneficial actions on various chronic diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases has led to further research regarding its effects on the immune system. Investigation into a previously unknown vitamin D receptor associated with immune system functioning and vitamin D enzymes released by immune system cells indicate that vitamin D is strongly implicated in maintaining and strengthening the immune system. [4]

Seasonal outbreaks of influenza seem to correlate with reduced time spent outdoors in sunlight. Clinical research results corroborate the fact that the flu is more prevalent during winter months when access to sunlight is limited. [5] Vitamin D supplementation not only suppresses release of proinflammatory molecules called cytokines but also promotes release of antimicrobial peptides that offer powerful, anti-viral properties. Additionally, vitamin D acts beneficially on lower and upper airway cells by encouraging epithelial cells to secrete anti-inflammatory peptides. [6]

Increasing Vitamin D Levels with D3 Supplementation Can Help Prevent Influenza

A study involving numerous clinical trials investigating the benefits of vitamin D supplementation found that vitamin D does help strengthen your immune system response to viruses and bacteria causing respiratory tract infections (RTIs). In addition, researchers found that dosing times were important to providing improved therapeutic effects. For example, people receiving daily doses of cholecalciferol (D3) experienced fewer incidences of upper respiratory tract infections those people receiving larger doses every one to three months. [7]

Preventing the flu isn’t the only health advantage provided by vitamin D3 injection supplements. Maintaining doctor-recommended levels of vitamin D also:

  • Helps reduce bone fractures and increase muscle strength in people over 50 (two main reasons for disability and/or death in the elderly)
  • Reduces your risk of suffering stroke, heart failure and other forms of cardiovascular illnesses (vitamin D is important for preserving artery health and regulating blood pressure)
  • Is implicated in decreasing general mortality rates due to any cause [8], [9]
  • May contribute to reducing the risk of over 15 different kinds of cancer [10]

If you are between the ages of 25 and 65 and concerned about compromising your health because of an undiagnosed vitamin D deficiency, please contact us today to find out how easy it is to receive vitamin D injections for enhancing your immune system functioning, preventing the flu and optimizing your overall health and well-being. Or, if you’re just looking for extra immune protection this flu season, book your appointment today by clicking the button below or calling:  561-406-2202.



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