Whether you are going in for an elective cosmetic procedure or an operation that is something much more serious, preparing your body for surgery is extremely important. In addition to following your surgeon’s instructions, proper nutrition leading up to your procedure is vital to a healthy recovery. Nutrient deficiencies delay wound healing, alter immune response, and lengthen the recovery process. The good news is that this can all be avoided with proper vitamin supplementation before and after surgery with Pre/Post-Operative IV Hydration Treatments.

Wound Healing

The role of Vitamin C in surgery recovery has been researched extensively since 1937 for its role in wound healing.  The Harvard Medical School surgeons in this study noted that, “spontaneous breakdown of a surgical wound in the absence of infection occurs with relative frequency in patients with the cachexia of cancer, in debilitated individuals, and in young patients; notably those who have some congenital anomaly of the gastro-intestinal tract” (1). Thus, they based their recommendation for the administration of Vitamin C on their observations that wound healing is decreased when low vitamin C levels are present in patients.

Since then and from this original research, more studies have been done on the administration of high doses of Vitamin C and its effect on wound healing. The main component in effective wound healing is collagen, which forms the connective tissues that build up during healing. Collagen cannot be formed without enzymes that have a co-factor of Vitamin C. Therefore, Vitamin C is essential for the body to heal. If there is a deficiency, this process is delayed, and in some cases, halted altogether. Poor wound healing also produces bad scarring. Vitamin C is also known to be one of the few effective agents to help improve scar appearance. Human beings lack the ability to store vitamin C, so constant replenishment is important for everyday nutrition but critical during wound healing.

Immune Response

Nutrient deficiencies delay wound healing, but they also leave patients vulnerable to complications and a protracted recovery process because of decreased immune response. These risks are compounded in the United States, as one in four Americans are at risk for nutrient deficiencies because of the Standard American Diet (SAD) that is nutrient poor and full of empty calories. Micronutrients like zinc and vitamin B6 are essential to immune response and should be replaced before surgery as a means to counteract free radicals from anesthesia.

Fasting before surgery is vital to reduce complications from anesthesia during surgery, but it actually depletes the body of nutrients before we are on the operating table. So, we enter into surgery already at a disadvantage because of this necessary fasting. Many oral vitamins are not recommended before surgery, as bleeding risks are increased. But, pure forms of certain nutrients can help to prepare your body for optimal healing and recovery through intravenous supplementation. Pre and Post operative IV hydration treatments that are approved by your surgeon ensure maximum absorption directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the stomach and enhancing your immune system for peak performance of your body’s healing mechanisms during and after surgery.

Where to Get Pre/Post-Operative IV Hydration Therapy

As we’ve learned, patients who are poorly nourished are particularly prone to surgery-related complications, including wound infection, poor healing, and even bad scarring. Pre/Post-Operative IV Hydration Treatments can help to bring your body to peak performance both before and after your surgery, but there are a few caveats to remember before undergoing this treatment:

Matteo Rosselli, D.O.

Matteo Rosselli, D.O.

Founder of Revitalogy

  1. Consult with Your Surgeon. The most important thing you can do when undergoing any treatment before or after your surgery is to consult with your surgeon. Your surgeon is the only person who should make the decision about whether or not your body would benefit from IV infusion therapy.  At RevitalIV, Dr. Matteo Rosselli, an anesthesiologist with over twenty years of experience, works directly with your surgeon on your case.
  2. Go to a Physician-Operated IV Hydration Center. This piece of advice is actually one that should be adhered to any time you decide to have an IV hydration treatment—for whatever reason, symptom, or condition. IV hydration and vitamin supplementation is a very simple and very safe procedure that has extraordinary benefits for pre and post-operative procedures, as well as a myriad of other symptoms and conditions. However, it is still a medical procedure that should be done under the supervision of a physician and highly trained medical staff. Click here to see why RevitalIV is South Florida’s Premier IV Hydration Center run by Matteo Rosselli, D.O.

At RevitalIV you can receive your treatment at our office, or from the privacy of your own home with our Mobile treatments.

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