How Many IV Infusions Should I Have for Maximum Benefits?

If there is one question we are asked at RevitalIV more than any other, it’s: how many IV infusions should I have to receive maximum benefits? The short answer is: one. Depending on what symptoms you have and which IV you choose, you can feel the benefits almost immediately. Migraines, hangovers, jet lag, heat exhaustion, and nausea are some of the symptoms that can clear up pretty quickly after your first IV. Acute and chronic dehydration can be the cause of a host of symptoms that are easily treated with IV hydration therapy. Many people leave our office feeling wonderfully refreshed and symptom-free after just one visit.

There is, of course, a longer answer as it relates to “maximum” benefits and the different reasons to have a more prolonged IV hydration/infusion treatment. That answer sounds a little more like this: the more nutrients you have in your body, the better you will feel (and look!). If you have a symptom, condition, or disease that could be helped by extra vitamins and nutrients, you will ultimately feel better by keeping these nutrients restored on a daily basis. In this case, it is important to pursue a more long-term wellness program.

Symptoms, Conditions, and Diseases that Benefit from a Long-Term IV Treatment Protocol

Our “How Do You Feel” page lists some of the more common reasons people come to RevitalIV. But, there are many symptoms, conditions, and diseases that can benefit from a long-term IV treatment protocol. Conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, and even more minor skin conditions like Melasma, are just some of the reasons patients seek more long-term IV hydration wellness programs.

For more serious conditions and diseases, the medical team at RevitalIV will work closely with your physician to customize your IV infusions to complement your current medical treatment. More frequent IV treatments keep nutrients balanced in the body, suppressing disease exacerbation and flare ups of all kinds.

Keeping Your Body Balanced for Wellness/Anti-Aging Purposes

Multiple IV treatments can also contribute to your own wellness or anti-aging goals. IV treatments are frequently used by professional athletes to optimize their performance. This trend has expanded to amateur athletes for marathon and triathlon training, golf and tennis tournaments, and even surf and fishing trips. But, an optimized body and wellness profile is not only the goal of athletes. Patients of all kinds flock to IV infusion centers to maintain their health in their daily lives. Aging and living well is a goal for many people today. In order to feel, look, and age our best, we have to constantly monitor what we eat, how we move, and what we do to combat stress. IV treatment packages allow patients to restore vitamin and mineral balance in their bodies to keep their immune system working, their skin glowing, and their digestive system working.

Wellness/Anti-Aging Benefits of Long-Term IV Hydration Treatments:

  • optimized immune system
  • balanced vitamin and nutrient profile
  • clear and refreshed-looking skin
  • restored hydration
  • better digestive health
  • more energy
  • decreased headaches and body aches
  • and so many more . . .

What You Should Do In between IV hydration treatments

If there is a second question we are asked at RevitalIV, it’s: what should I do in between IV hydration treatments? Since IV infusions are the only way to receive 100% absorption of supplemental vitamins and nutrients (by bypassing the digestive system and infusing straight into your bloodstream), IV hydration is the BEST way to receive them. There is, however, a good way to extend your IV treatments so that the benefits last longer in between your treatments.

Dr. Rosselli does provides customized recommendations for each of the IVs on our IV Treatment Menu to extend the life of your IV and keep your nutrients balanced in between your infusion appointments. Revitalogy’s Physician-Formulated Supplements are the best way to extend the benefits of your IV. A daily supplement regimen and intermittent IV treatments is the best way to optimize your health and wellness efforts. And, RevitalIV Treatment Packages are 15% OFF until the end of August! Call today to start hydrating today: 561-406-2202