By now, most of us are informed about the benefits of Vitamin C. It is a powerful antioxidant used to boost your immune system, protect against colds, flus, and a wide range of symptoms and diseases. There are, however, even greater benefits of this vitamin when used in high doses. High dose Vitamin C IV treatments are used for a variety of conditions and diseases . . . even cancer. 

Even small amounts of Vitamin C from citrus fruits can help with Vitamin C deficiency. Unfortunately, food and oral supplements are not enough for your body to achieve optimal health. Only around 18% of the Vitamin C we consume by mouth is absorbed by our bodies. When it is delivered intravenously, Vitamin C is 100% bioavailable.

High-dose Vitamin C IVs are especially helpful when:

  • under an unusual amount of stress
  • feeling excessive fatigue
  • fighting a cold, flu, or infection
  • about to have a surgical procedure
  • your skin need to be restored after sun damage
  • you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation and want to improve side effects like nausea, fatigue, and vomiting

With a high-dose Vitamin C IV you can maintain energy levels, improve your skin, strengthen tendons and bones, boost your immunities, support your adrenal glands, and help fight the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. In addition to helping the sometimes overwhelming side effects of chemo and radiation, high-dose vitamin C is even being used to treat cancer itself.

High Dose Vitamin C IV Treatments and Cancer

Vitamin C was first suggested as a treatment for cancer in the 1950s when its role in collagen production and protection led researchers to believe that it would protect normal tissue from tumor metastasis (the spread of cancer) (McCormick, 1959; Cameron, et al., 1979). Also, because cancer patients are usually deficient in vitamin c, the replenishment of the vitamin may boost immune system function.

Since then, many studies have been done to back up and further this original research on the benefits of Vitamin C and cancer. Findings show that Vitamin C interacts with iron and other metals to create hydrogen peroxide. In high concentrations, hydrogen peroxide kills cancer cells. Most importantly, and very unlike treatments like chemotherapy and other drugs, Vitamin C is selective in it’s damage to cells. Vitamin C will not harm healthy cells in the body—no matter how high the concentration.

Research shows that High-Dose Vitamin C IV Treatments are effective against many types of cancer, including:

  • lung
  • brain
  • colon
  • breast
  • pancreatic
  • ovarian

Animal studies show that when human cancers are grafted into animals, high-dose IV vitamin C decreases tumor size by 41 to 53 percent “in diverse cancer types known for both their aggressive growth and limited treatment options.” Additionally, numerous patient case reports have been written up in medical journals.

Why Intravenous Treatment is Essential

The only way to receive a high dose of Vitamin C—concentrated enough to kill cancer cells and treat other conditions—is through an intravenous treatment. If you were to take, say, 10,000 mg of Vitamin C by mouth, you would absorb only around 500 mg. The rest would be violently released from your body with a strong case of diarrhea. Intravenous treatments bypass the digestive system that controls how many nutrients our body absorbs.

High Dose Vitamin C and COVID-19

In an article published in the Chinese Journal of Infection Diseases, the Shanghai Medical Association endorsed the use of high dose vitamin C as a treatment for hospitalized people with COVID-19. A new clinical trial is currently underway in which researchers hypothesize that Vitamin C infusions can help improve the prognosis of patients with severe acute respiratory infection. See the clinical trial here.

Where to Receive A High Dose Vitamin C IV Treatment

As with every IV treatment, it is important to go only to a Physician-Operated IV Hydration Center. This extraordinarily effective treatment is now available at RevitalIV. Our RECHARGE: High Dose Vitamin C Treatment is benefiting patients for symptoms like stress, exhaustion, digestive issues, and even cancer. While this treatment is not a cure-all for cancer, it is definitely benefiting cancer patients who are looking for more natural forms of treatment, as well as those who are undergoing traditional treatments and looking to reduce the debilitating side effects. RevitalIV offers these treatments at our office, and in the privacy of your own home with our mobile treatment option.

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