The Two Best Holiday Travel Tips for your Immune System

Holiday travel season is upon us! It’s also upon our immune systems. The hustle and bustle is fun, exciting, and always exhausting, which takes a toll on our bodies in a not so celebratory type of way. Stress, colds and flus, airplane germs, and SUGAR is everywhere. During the holidays we are continually exposed to external organisms that are swallowed or absorbed by our skin and mucous membranes. It is up to our immune system to decide whether or not these organisms lead to an infection. When our immunities are weakened by stress, toxins, and the foods we eat, we are more vulnerable to spending the holiday season in bed.

Make sure that you have the happiest and HEALTHIEST holiday travel season with the best two holoday travel tips for boosting your immune system!


1.     Take Probiotics

Probiotics are taken for many reasons: improving gut health and digestive function, preventing urinary tract infections, fighting food-borne illnesses, even preventing mental illness and neurological disorders. One of the biggest benefits of taking probiotics is the effect they have on your body’s immune system. Probiotics balances intestinal homeostasis and induces protective responses in your immune system. (1)

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are bacteria that line your digestive track and support your ability to absorb nutrients and fight infections. There are literally thousands of strains of probiotics in your body. However, we are subject to environmental and agricultural toxins that kill off the good bacteria in our bodies and make us more susceptible to colds, flus, and other infections and viruses.

Foods/Toxins that Damage the Probiotics in Our Body

  • Sugar
  • Tap Water
  • GMO Foods
  • Prescription Antibiotic
  • Grains/Gluten
  • Medications/Toxins Chemicals

Two of the biggest offenders for probiotic damage are two things that are also quite common during the most wonderful time of the year: sugar and stress. In fact, holiday travel and stress seem to go hand in hand. And, the typical, feel-good cure for this stress is always available at our favorite coffee shop or on grandma’s kitchen counter: SUGAR. Sugar continues to damage our probiotic lining, promoting yeast growth and digestive discomfort. Should you stay away from grandma’s cookies completely? Nah. But, supplementing with oral probiotics and rich probiotic foods is a way to restore your digestive health, combat yeast, and, most importantly, strengthen your immune system.

Best Probiotic Sources:

  • Supplemental Oral Probiotics
  • Fermented Foods: sauerkraut, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kimchi, etc.
  • Probiotic-Rich Foods: Kefir, Coconut Kefir,
  • Fiber-Rich Foods that FEED the good bacteria: Chia Seeds, Flax seeds

Not only can probiotics balance your digestive system and thus allow your immune system to focus on bigger threats like seasonal colds and flus, but it also improves your absorption of vitamins and minerals. This is what brings us to the second-best holiday travel tip: IV Hydration treatments and vitamin infusions.

2.     Get an IV Hydration Travel Treatment

Perhaps we should call this tip: vitamins, vitamins, vitamins and hydration, hydration, hydration! We all know that vitamins and minerals are essential to supporting a healthy immune system. However, it is important to understand the way that vitamins are absorbed into our bodies. Probiotics provide a healthy digestive lining that allows for more absorption of important vitamins and minerals that we get from foods and oral supplements. But, when the holiday season approaches, intravenous vitamins can give your immune system a boost by bypassing the digestive system altogether. This means that your body will receive 100% absorption of these important cold and flu-fighting vitamins and minerals.

IV Hydration is the very best way to absorb vitamins and minerals into your body. Theya re administerd with a minimally-invasive intravenous procedure to deliver fluids, medications, vitamins, and other nutritional supplements directly into your bloodstream. It is the only way for your body to absorb 100% of these ingredients.

So, which vitamins are best for immune support. The short answer is: there are many. But, RevitalIV’s REVIVE: Travel Treatment IV is a good example of some of the most important vitamins and minerals that your body needs for the holiday season. It includes:

  • Vitamin C: A powerful antioxidant and immune booster that increases the production of infection-fighting white blood cells. It decreases inflammation and reduces stress.
  • Magnesium: Improves your sleep patterns, treats muscle cramps, and also reduces stress.
  • Calcium: Plays a central role in the activation of cells in the immune system, and even helps to lower your blood pressure.
  • Taurine: Fights oxidative stress and regulates anxiety
  • B-Complex: A combination of many B Vitamins that participate in different aspects of energy production, fight infection, boost your mood, and help your body turn food into energy.

In addition to all of these incredibly beneficial vitamins, IV hydration treatments also fight a HUGE immune system enemy: dehydration. Staying adequately hydrated helps your body to eliminate toxins and waste more quickly and effectively, making your immune system better able to fight infection. Dehydration affects your sleep patterns, energy levels, and even your will to exercise—all triggers for a weakened immune system. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is extremely important. But, when your body is dehydrated, either from lack of intake or exposure to infection (yes, colds and flus actually dehydrate your body more!), sometimes a more intensive rehydration method is in order. IV hydration bypasses the digestive system to intensify vitamin absorption, but it also rehydrates your body more quickly and without any digestive discomfort. It is, by far, the best travel tip we could give you.

Whether you are headed over the river and through the woods in the open cold air by horse and carriage or by a germ-infested airplane plane ;), these are the best holiday travel tips for your immune system: protect your gut, and make sure that you are hydrated and actually absorbing your vitamins.

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